Best Moodle Innovation results 2017

results 2017

1st Prize:  化学式フィルタープラグインChemJaxの開発

三浦 謙一, 松木 孝幸

化学系科目をMoodleのコースで展開するときには、分子式や構造式等の化学式が必要不可欠である。化学式をMoodleで使用できるようにしたツールには、mhchem.jsというJavaScriptがある。しかしこのJavaScriptでは、いわゆるベンゼン環などの構造図は描画することができない。そこで、mhchem.jsの特徴や限界をよく調査・研究して、化学式はもちろんのことベンゼン環などの構造式をMoodle中でも描画できるような仕組み実現すると共に、色やACS Document、Corey等のスタイルを採用して見易さを改善したい。このプラグインの開発が行われれば、多くの化学系教員による利用が期待され、Moodleの理系教員による利用を促進することができる。

2nd Prize: MAJ Submissions Block

Gordon Bateson

This blocks coordinates a set of tools that together allow Moodle to be used as a conference organization tool. The tools allow conference organizers to easily setup databases to collect information, transfer the collected data to Workshop activities for vetting, and create resources and database templates from which to print registration documents, the conference schedule and other conference documents. As well as the main coordinating block, the tool relies on four additional database fields, that were developed by the same person who developed the block. Together, the block and database fields form a "set" of plugins, and they should be installed as a set.

  • MAJ Submissions block
  • Admin database field
  • Action database field
  • Constant database field
  • Template database field

Honorable Mention: Speech Assessment

Paul Daniels, Nobuhiro Kumai

The speech assessment activity plugin allows teachers to set up speaking activities which can be automatically scored by the computer. This new computerized assessment system  automatically scores spoken language and provides immediate feedback to learners. This plugin is intended to  encouraged learners to improve their communication skills via extensive online speaking activities.  This automated scoring and feedback plugin is useful for larger language classrooms where instructors are unable to provide sufficient individualized feedback on speaking skills. Key features of the plugin include:

  • individualized speaking tasks to learners that can be automatically scored
  • personalized and immediate feedback on speech
  • simplified process of administering and scoring online speaking activities
  • low-anxiety environment to improve second language speaking skills
  • cost effective and accessible
  • combines the advantages of face-to-face speaking interaction with individualized speaking practice and personalized feedback

Honorable Mention: VoiceShadow 3

Nobuhiro Kumai, Paul Daniels

VoiceShadow 3 is a plug-in for Moodle that enables learners to record and upload audio to Moodle’s VoiceShadow activity. VoiceShadow allows self, peer, and teacher evaluations supports the recording of multiple audio files and user commenting. Since recordings are organized by student name, it allows the teacher and student to easily follow a series of speaking assignments. The plug-in is meant for shadowing activities for language learners. However, it can also be used for simple audio uploading, such as reading a story aloud or making a speech, without doing shadowing.

With VoiceShadow 3 Plug-in,  you can record and upload audio from PC browsers as well as mobile browsers. It can work well with iOS and Android devices, which couldn't be done before. The plug-in also has a speech recognition engine. VoiceShadow 3 Plug-in has a built-in feature that transcribes speakers’ speech by utilizing Google Speech API. Rubric evaluation can be done when specified so that learners can get more detailed feedback about their performance afterwards from the teacher.

Honorable Mention: Forum Interface Improvements

中原 敬広, Eric Hagley, David Campbell, Thom Rawson


This change to the code of the forum improves the interface in a number of ways. The video below shows this.

研究成果物は、補助金受領後,1年以内にGPLコードとしてmoodle.orgのプラグインデータベースまたは国内の適切なムードルサイトを通じて一般に公開して頂きます。 また、原則として、Moodle Moot Japan 2018 で成果を発表して頂き、A4サイズで1枚程度の研究成果報告書を2018年2月末までに提出して頂きます。

The resultant product must be released as GPL code and posted for distribution on the plugins database or any appropriate Moodle Japan sites within one year of acceptance.It is expected that the grant-subsidized project results will be reported/presented in the subsequent Moodlemoot (Moodlemoot Japan 2018) and submit one-page report of research results in A4 size by the end of February 2018.

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