R&D grants result 2018

R&D grants result 2018


三浦 謙一, 松木 孝幸

200,000 yen


MAJ Community Hub Custom Theme Upgrade

Don Hinkelman

140,000 yen

For 2018, this research and development project proposes three functionalities: 1) Showcase programming and MoodleNet integration, 2) Innovations Edition troubleshooting and 3) Moodle 3.5 and 3.6 upgrading and testing of code and plugins added to the MAJ Hub. 1. Showcase Programming and MoodleNet Integration: The Showcase will have to two sites, one for uploading courses and one for demonstrating new plugins. This programming will remove any core hacks in the previous Hub and replace them will modular plugins that do not affect core code. This will allow better maintenance and a better ability for programmers to take over a more transparent design. In addition, Martin Dougiasmas has announced that blocks will be phased out of Moodle, so the Reviews Block and Points Block need a new architecture and programming. Also, during 2018, as features of MoodleNet become publicized, the MAJ Showcase will be integrated into its system and network. 2. Innovations Edition Troubleshooting: When new plugins are added to the separate, Innovations Edition of the Hub, invariably there are conflicts or problems with backup and restore. The managers then need expert help to solve these issues. 3. Moodle 3.5 and 3.6 Upgrade: As Moodle versions change, the core hub code is changed which may affect MAJ Hub plugins installed on the site, and the courses themselves. Any programming issues that affect the main MAJ site can also be addressed with this part of the grant.

Conference administration block

Gordon Bateson

360,000 yen

This project will create a new Moodle block that will assist in the
organization of a medium-sized conference, such as a MoodleMoot. For
the last two years, several prototype tools and plugins have been
developed for the MoodleMoot Japan conferences. The aim of this MAJ
grant project will be to further develop these tools, and combine them
into a single "block" plugin, which will be made available via the
plugins repository on Moodle.org

The new block will display important dates for the conference and
provide tools to create Moodle database activities for the collection
of submissions and registration details, tools to transfer submissions
to a Moodle Workshop activity for vetting, tools to create anonymous
user accounts for authors and reviewers, tools to create a
drag-and-drop conference schedule, and tools to generate conference
documents including badges, receipts, and a printable handbook and

The block is expected to be ready in time to be use for the
administration of MoodleMoot Japan 2019.

React Forum and forum interface merge

David Campbell and Matt Cotter

200,000 yen

The goal of this project is to combine the changes made to the Forum user interface with the ReactForum, so that Moodle users can take advantage of both of these improvements to the forum module.
The improved forum interface gives the poster in a forum prime space in the center of the forum list. In the past, students often mistakenly clicked on the person rather than the post but this has been fixed. A follow button was added to make it easier for participants to follow a conversation they have replied to. The “Forum React” module allows students to quickly give feedback in a variety of different forms to posts.
These two excellent additions need to be combined so that forums become even better for those posting. It would also be good to add the statistics from the ForumReact to the Forum Report There may be other small changes to the user interface based on the feedback we received from users.

研究成果物は、補助金受領後,1年以内にGPLコードとしてmoodle.orgのプラグインデータベースまたは国内の適切なムードルサイトを通じて一般に公開して頂きます。 また、原則として、Moodle Moot Japan 2018 で成果を発表して頂き、A4サイズで1枚程度の研究成果報告書を2018年2月末までに提出して頂きます。

The resultant product must be released as GPL code and posted for distribution on the moodle.org plugins database or any appropriate Moodle Japan sites within one year of acceptance.It is expected that the grant-subsidized project results will be reported/presented in the subsequent Moodlemoot (Moodlemoot Japan 2018) and submit one-page report of research results in A4 size by the end of February 2019.

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