Hotels near the venue


Within a 5 minute walk of where the Moot Dinner is currently planned to be held. One train station away from Aino, about ¥1,600 taxi fare to SIST.


Cosmo Inn Aino

Closest accommodation to the university. A simple business hotel near Aino station. The main benefit of this hotel is that it's the only place with no train ride between it an the Moot venue.


Various options Kakegawa Station

Lots of business hotels to choose from and decent options for restaurants and izakayas in the evening, Kakegawa is not a bad place to stay. Kakegawa is a shinkansen station, however only KODAMAs stop there (Hamamatsu also has HIKARIs).


 Kuretake Inn Iwata (Base Hotel)

This hotel is right next to Iwata station. Some bars and izakayas nearby will make getting fed easy. Not as much variety in options as Hamamatsu, but a mere 12 min train ride to Hamamatsu anyway, this is one nice option.


Various options Hamamatsu Station

The pin on this map is on the Toyoko Inn. There are numerous other options. Restaurant options of course are plentiful in Hamamatsu. Hamamatsu also has a Shinkansen station with HIKARI services running (1 per hour in each direction).


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