Welcome from the President

Takayuki Matsuki - MAJ President

I would like to welcome you to the twelfth annual Moodle Moot Japan, which will be held at Sojo University in Kumamoto. As you may know, a series of earthquakes occurred in Kumamoto on April 14, 15, and 16, 2016. Though it was a difficult time for the city, we are pleased to see that it has recovered considerably during the past few years. The decision to host our event here in 2020 is our small contribution to its resurgence. Following the conference, there will be a short sightseeing tour around Kumamoto Castle, which was heavily damaged during the earthquakes.

The purpose of the Moodle Moot is to present reports and discussions as well as share knowledge and experience on everything related to Moodle. You will be exposed to new and interesting educational applications of Moodle, and learn about convenient plugins and software developed for the community of users. I hope that all the participants will bring what they have learned back to their institutions to spread the reach of Moodle around the world.

We also have booths for sponsors (Japanese and foreign) who provide Moodle-related products and services. Please be sure to visit them at some point during the conference or attend one of their presentations or workshops. I also encourage you to look carefully through the schedule of presentations and attend those that are most relevant to the environment in your institution.