Session type
Abstract length
Main Themes
20 mins, 40 mins or 90 mins
This is the 'regular' presentation type. 40-minute presentation is the standard type of presentation with a 30-minute speech plus a 10-minute Q and A session. Submissions can be research oriented (Papers) or more practical descriptions of work in progress or completed projects (Show & Tell). Choose the 90 mins type if you plan to involve the audience in some kind of discussion as part or all of your presentation.
150-200 words or kanji equivalent (375-500 characters)
  • Installation and Administration
  • Integrating Moodle
  • Moodle development
  • Moodle in non-traditional settings
  • Moodle in traditional educational settings
  • Pedagogy and Moodle
  • Students' perspectives
  • Publicity for a Showcase Showcaseの宣伝
  • An example of overcoming an obstacle to introducing Moodle into a school or organization


  1. All submissions MUST be within the specified word count. Please understand that any submissions that are too short or too long will be automatically rejected.
  2. All co-authors are strongly encouraged to register AND to present at the Moot. Any co-author who has not registered to attend the Moot may not be listed in the program as a "co-author".
  3. Submissions may be in English or Japanese. If accepted, you will be given the option of submitting a Japanese or English version of your abstract.
  4. Eligibility for Commercial Presentations (all forms of presentations including lightning talks, workshops, and others) are limited to the current Sponsors of the Moodle Association of Japan, or those who will complete application procedure by the time of Moodle Moot.

Also, please read the MAJ Policies for Proposal Submissions

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