Martin Dougiamas

CEO Moodle Pty Ltd
Founder of Moodle

Moodle’s role in the future of education

Saturday, Feb. 20, 13:00-13:50

Martin shares his mission to protect and foster open source education technology as a way to enable quality education and empower those who can make a difference in our world, the educators.
Due to COVID-19, the world has seen an incredible shift towards some form of online learning in 2020/21 which has created big waves in the ed-tech industry (good and bad). Through it all, Moodle has continued doing what it does best with open source offerings that empower educators to create the platforms they need for every situation.
Join Martin with news about the near future of Moodle’s platform: the much anticipated Moodle LMS 4.0 Release, MoodleNet, Moodle Academy as well as a look further into the technologies of 2025 and beyond and how we might meet them in a way that protects the inherent openness of education.

Emilio Lozano

Moodle Workplace
Product Lead

Moodle Workplace 3.10.2

Friday, Feb. 19, 17:00-17:40

Moodle Workplace Product Manager Emilio Lozano will talk about Moodle's new LMS for the corporate sector: Moodle Workplace, which we’ve created to empower teams with personalised and collaborative learning experiences.
Moodle Workplace is built on top of the Moodle LMS and has extra features that address the needs of the workplace sector.
Among other features Moodle Workplace offers Multi-tenancy - the ability to use the same Moodle site for different groups of users that have an almost complete experience of the site but are not aware of other tenants and their users. Moodle Workplace 3.10.2 introduces some exciting features to make multi-tenancy even better like Shared Organisation Structure and multi-tenant authentication.

Katsusuke Shigeta

Hokkaido University

Operation of education using Moodle in a pandemic - Support system, usage, and future prospects

Friday, Feb. 19, 11:00-11:50

In the year 2020, due to the impact of COVID-19, various educational institutions have been forced to switch to distance education. Many professors have been working hard to introduce LMS such as Moodle and support students and faculty in using it.
On the other hand, as the practice of distance education has increased, the number of records that can be viewed and used in the LMS has also increased, making it possible to use them for learning analytics and educational IR.
In this keynote speech, he will introduce the support system and examples of how Moodle is being used in distance education, and talk about the future prospects for Moodle in 2021 and beyond.

Adam Jenkins

Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology

Japan and the Internet of Moodles

Saturday, Feb. 20, 11:00-11:50

E-learning and increasingly mobile learning are topics that continue to gain momentum in educational and administrative discourse. In response to this ever increasing demand for online learning opportunities, Moodle is being more and more widely integrated into institutions across Japan. Often such integrations start out small with only one or a handful of teachers using the system, which grows into an institution-wide platform. Institution-wide instances of Moodle enable teachers to collaborate, sharing resources and ideas, improving the quality of education throughout the institution. In recent years, this has expanded further with technologies such as Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) leading to collaborations between teachers from multiple institutions sharing resources and having their students exchange ideas, in some cases internationally. Networking features like LTI and Mnet have given rise to the Internet of Moodles, where the online learning environments provide opportunities that were once unimaginable. This presentation will showcase the benefits of expanding small scale Moodles into institution-wide systems and beyond into the Internet of Moodles, as well as how this can be achieved.