Keynote Speakers

 Picture of Professor Ogata

Prof. Hiroaki Ogata

Kyoto University

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Dr. Lin Jingjing

Dr. Jingjing Lin

Toyohashi University of Technology
Center for IT-based Education

Crafting Hackerspaces with Moodle and Mahara: The Potential of Creation-based Learning

Moodle is a familiar platform to many educators but making Moodle-supported online learning a student-centered active learning journey is not so familiar as a teaching practice. Japan’s adoption of educational technology (edtech) in the classroom has been slower than other developed countries, and as a result many Japanese teachers are underprepared to use edtech in their teaching. Hence there is a necessity to introduce simple and easy-to-follow educational approaches for teachers to experiment with offering active learning experiences in Moodle online classrooms. Creation-based learning (CBL) is an educational approach that aims to scaffold online active learning. Together with its associated instructional design model "CLEAR" the approach offers a promising pedagogical foundation for crafting online hackerspaces, where teachers use "creation" as a teaching tool in Moodle, and students deliver their "creations" as learning output in Mahara. Combining such pedagogical considerations and technical capabilities is a powerful way for educators to improve their online classrooms with hackerspaces in Moodle and Mahara.

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