Picture of Professor Ogata

Prof. Hiroaki Ogata

Kyoto University



Martin Dougiamas

CEO Moodle Pty Ltd
Founder of Moodle

 Picture of Professor Harashima

Prof. Hideto Harashima

Maebashi Institute of Technology
First President of MAJ

Moodle and MAJ: an Expanding Road from the Past to the Future

It's been 22 years since Moodle was born and 18 years since I first used it. The Moodle Association of Japan (MAJ) has been in existence for 11 years. As the founding president of the MAJ, I would like to look back with the audience on how the MAJ came to be and to remind ourselves of its original purpose. I also reexamine the research and development that I and the other members of the MAJ have done, and think about how that might contribute to the future of Moodle. I will finally present my personal predictions for the future of Moodle and the expansion of MAJ.

Dr. Lin Jingjing

Dr. Jingjing Lin

Toyohashi University of Technology
Center for IT-based Education

Crafting Hackerspaces with Moodle and Mahara: The Potential of Creation-based Learning

Moodle is a familiar platform to many educators but making Moodle-supported online learning a student-centered active learning journey is not so familiar as a teaching practice. Japan’s adoption of educational technology (edtech) in the classroom has been slower than other developed countries, and as a result many Japanese teachers are underprepared to use edtech in their teaching. Hence there is a necessity to introduce simple and easy-to-follow educational approaches for teachers to experiment with offering active learning experiences in Moodle online classrooms. Creation-based learning (CBL) is an educational approach that aims to scaffold online active learning. Together with its associated instructional design model "CLEAR" the approach offers a promising pedagogical foundation for crafting online hackerspaces, where teachers use "creation" as a teaching tool in Moodle, and students deliver their "creations" as learning output in Mahara. Combining such pedagogical considerations and technical capabilities is a powerful way for educators to improve their online classrooms with hackerspaces in Moodle and Mahara.