MAJ BEST INNOVATION / ベスト・イノベーション Go here: MAJ Best Innovation

Each year awards will be made for the best developments related to Moodle by members of MAJ. These might be the development of a new module or block, or even a suggested patch to the current code which adds greater functionality to a current version. The development itself need not be specific to Moodle as used in Japan. 

MAJ SHOWCASE - BEST OPEN COURSEWARE / ベスト・オープンコースウェア Go here: MAJ Showcase

Nominations for Moodle courses for the “Best Open Courseware Awards” are open until  midnight February 11, 2022. To nominate, upload your course into the open course  site, called the MAJ Showcase. Your course will be shared with MAJ members and the public here:  MAJ Showcase

The purpose of the MAJ Showcase (Hub) is to collect and distribute free, open courseware for any school or teacher using the Moodle learning management system. The MAJ Showcase (Hub) is intended to focus on Japan-related courseware, produced in Japanese, English and other languages.  (Note: samples of commercial content that are provided for free distribution, may also be available through the Showcase)

A courseware judging panel has been selected. They will start reviewing your courses after the submission deadline according to the following criteria:

  • The course is taught in Japan, and would be useful for other teachers in Japan.
  • The courseware is free and has no commercial licenses or fees.
  • The media in the course is public domain to the best of your knowledge, or you have permission to distribute freely.
  • The courseware is interesting, engaging, and innovative.
  • The courseware contains well-designed assessment systems,
  • The courseware is appropriate for the ages and levels of the students.

The judging panel will write reviews of the courses that will be readable by anyone who views the course on the Showcase. Judges will meet at the Moot to decide the winners: First prize, Second prize, Honorable Mention (x2).  A framed certificate with your name as the author and a web logo for display on your site will be awarded at a ceremony held during the Moot.  You may upload as many courses as you wish, but one author can win only one prize per year. 

Special Bonus:  Mug Cup for all contributors

Any one who contributes and uploads a course will receive an MAJ Moodle mug cup as a prize at the Moot. We are especially looking for courses in fields such as Math, Science, Computer skills, Music, Corporate training, and High school subjects.

How to send your course:   You can follow the instructions on the MAJ Showcase (Hub) site to upload your course. However, you may also send your course as a backup file (.mbz or .zip) directly to Don Hinkelman ( or Martin Meadows (