MAJ Membership

There are two categories of MAJ membership:

  1. Individual Membership
    Individual Membership is for teachers, researchers, and administrators using Moodle in their educational profession. The annual fee is 10,000 yen. This includes free participation in the annual conference.
  2. Institutional Membership
    Institutional Membership is for academic, government, and corporate organizations who are using Moodle and have multiple staff attending the conference. This allows free attendance of seven staff members to the Annual Conference and Training Workshops (MoodleMoot Japan). This contribution promotes an interchange of ideas on Moodle in Japan and gives your institution a voice on the Board of Moodle Association of Japan to fund Moodle code improvements. The annual fee is 50,000 yen. As MAJ is not a commercial organization, the members of the board of directors shall be made up of individual users, academic researchers and representatives of user-organizations who are institutional members of MAJ.

MoodleMoot Japan Conference Fees

  • For members of MAJ, attendance at the annual MoodleMoot Japan conference is free. This includes Individual members, and Institutional members - up to seven people from one institution.
  • For people who are not MAJ members, the basic fee for attending the conference is 10,000 yen. However, please note that the following special fee categories are available:
    • For school teachers, the conference fee is 5,000 yen. This category includes teachers of kindergartens, elementary schools and secondary schools.
    • For students, the conference fee is 3,000 yen. This category is for people who are full-time students at a recognized university or graduate school.
    • A Special Concession fee of 3,000 yen is available for participants, such as part-time teachers, who may have limited income. Requests for the Special Concession fee should be made to the conference chair before the conference, and applicants must register and pay online prior to the conference. Please note that the Special Concession fee is NOT available to people who register onsite at the conference venue.