Near the venue

Hotel Lorelei

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Located within walking distance of the venue and also close to the Huis Ten Bosch station, but there is no other commercial facility around the hotel. This is where the reception dinner will be held on Friday evening. A bus back to downtown Sasebo will be provided at the conclusion of the reception.

Hotels in Huis Ten Bosch


There are several hotels in Huis Ten Bosch, which is within walking distance of the venue.

Downtown Sasebo

It takes from the venue to downtown Sasebo about 20 minutes by train, 30-40 minutes by bus, and 15 minutes by car.

Toyoko Inn Sasebo Ekimae

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Located right in front of the Sasebo station

Central Hotel Sasebo

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A sister hotel to Hotel Lorelai above

Hotel Resol Sasebo

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Located right above the bus center

Sasebo Washington Hotel

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One of the Huis Ten Bosch partner hotels

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