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We are looking for Moodle users who would like to talk about their Moodle experiences. We would very much like teachers, students, administrators, programmers, thinkers, and theorists... anyone who uses Moodle, to inform the MoodleMoot participants about how they use Moodle and how to use Moodle effectively.

Attendees are likely to consist of some experienced users, some who have been using Moodle for a year or so, and quite a few people who have never used Moodle. MoodleMoot presentations will be in both English and Japanese.

Session time slots will be 90 or 40 minutes, and for the first time 10-minute Lightening Talks. In the submission form you are asked to indicate your desired presentation type and time, however, depending on the number of participants and presenters, you may be asked to present in a shorter time slot.

Additionally, we will be having one or two "Moodle Showcase" sessions (similar to poster sessions) in which you will have the opportunity to show others what you or your institution / organization are doing with Moodle.

Are you a Moodle genius? There will also be a Moodle Genius Bar throughout most of the conference. If you are interested in sharing your skills and knowledge, please also use the submission form to indicate your willingness to volunteer as a 'genius'.

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Submissions that cover at least one of the following themes will be preferred:
  • Installation and Administration
    • Administrating Moodle Sites from a System Engineer's Perspective
    • Configuring a server for Moodle
    • Moodle 2.0
  • Integrating Moodle
    • Moodle networks
    • Integrating Moodle with other systems (e.g. Mahara)
    • Integrating Moodle into educational institutions
    • Sharing 'reusable learning objects' within and between Moodle(s)
  • Moodle development
    • Developing third-party features for Moodle
    • Tinkering with Moodle for non-programmers
  • Moodle in non-traditional settings
    • Business & corporate training
    • Moodle in the community
    • Commercial products and services
  • Moodle in traditional educational settings
    • Blending Moodle into individual classes or entire courses
    • Fully online Moodle courses
  • Pedagogy and Moodle
    • eDelivery vs. eLearning with Moodle
    • Moodle as a constructivist tool
    • Moodle and learning theories
    • Using Moodle to support "higher-order thinking activities"
  • Using Moodle
    • An introduction to Moodle for teachers / school administrators
    • Getting started with Moodle – from 'finding a server' to content creation
    • How to use Moodle (workshops)
    • Moodle 1.9 v 2
    • Using multimedia in Moodle
    • Using third-party modules and features
  • Students' perspectives
    • Student experiences of Moodle
    • Improving the learning experience
  • other
    • Possible futures for Moodle - Moodle in 2022?
    • ???
The deadline for submissions is the 14th November.

Click here to submit a presentation proposal (You will need to register to this site)

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