About us

- What are the goals of the Moodle Association of Japan?

* To promote the use of Moodle in Japan
* To create a community for Japanese Moodlers to exchange information
* To promote research and development of Moodle
* To disseminate good practices of educating with Moodle and educational materials
* To help support Moodle headquarters financially
* To plan and administer the annual Moodle Moot Japan

- What are the membership fees used for?

The fees are used to fund the development of the core Moodle LMS software, running the annual Moodle Moot Japan, publications, publicity, and other Moodle-promoting activities.

- How can I join the Moodle Association of Japan?

There are three ways to join the Moodle Association of Japan:

* Individual Member

For teachers, researchers and administrators using Moodle in their educational profession. The annual fee is 10,000 yen. This includes free participation in the annual conference.

* Institutional Member

For academic, government, and corporate organizations who are using Moodle and have multiple staff attending the conference. This allows free attendance of seven staff members to the Annual Conference and Training Workshops (Moodle Moot Japan). This contribution promotes interchange of ideas on Moodle in Japan and gives your institution a voice on the Board of Moodle Association of Japan to fund Moodle code improvements. The annual fee is 50,000 yen. As MAJ is not a commercial organization, the members of the board of directors shall be made up of individual users, academic researchers and representatives of user-organizations who are institutional members of MAJ.

* Sponsors

Sponsors are not "members" of our association per se, but they are commercial organizations that provide Moodle-related services, educational content publishing, software development, system integration, and other products or services for our members' benefit. Sponsors are important in providing contracted services for universities, companies and other organizations using Moodle. As MAJ begins we would invite Sponsors to join our annual conference and give presentations. For a fee, the Sponsor will be provided with a booth or a table and space to display information about their services at the Annual Conference. In addition, the Sponsor will be listed in the conference program with its name, logo, and description (depending on the levels of sponsorship) .

MoodleMoot Japan Conference Fees:

* Free to Moodle Association of Japan Members (see membership information above)
* 10,000 yen for individuals who are non-members
*Students' fee is 3,000 yen.
Special concession fee of 3,000 yen is available for participants with limited income upon prior request to the conference chair. The concession fee is only applicable to those who payed online prior to the conference; it does NOT apply to the onsite registration.

MAJ's bank account is as follows:

銀行名(Name of the bank) ゆうちょ銀行(JP Bank)
口座の種類(Type of the account) 振替口座(Transfer account)
口座記号番号(Account number) 00550-6-100645
口座の名前(Account name) MAJ

  • Those who have an account at JP Bank:
    1. can send their fees from ATM at JP for free
    2. can send their fees from You-cho Direct for free

  • ゆうちょ銀行口座をお持ちの方:
    1. 郵便局のATMで無料で送金できます
    2. ゆうちょダイレクトからも無料で送金できます

  • Those who don't have an account at JP Bank:
    1. can send their individual fees from ATM at JP for 80 yen
      (* it costs 290 yen when sending their institutional fees)
    2. can send their fees from the banks other than JP Bank with the following bank account information. Please ask your bank for remittance charge.
  • ゆうちょ銀行口座をお持ちでない方:
    1. 郵便局のATMで手数料80円で送金できます
      (* 団体会員の場合は290円の手数料がかかります)
    2. ゆうちょ銀行以外の銀行からも下記の銀行口座情報で送金可能です。送金手数料については各銀行にお問い合わせください。

    銀行名(Name of the bank) ゆうちょ銀行(JP Bank)
    金融機関コード(Bank code) 9900
    店番(Branch number) 059
    預金種目(Type of the account) 当座(Current account)
    店名(Branch name) 〇五九店 *
    口座番号(Account number) 0100645
    口座の名前(Account name) MAJ
    * Branch name = Branch number written in Kanji + 店(shop)

    Remittance from overseas banks

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