While there are numerous hotel options in the area, here are some to help get you started in your search for a hotel near the conference venue.

  1. APA Hotel
    In front of Itabashi station on JR Saikyo line. 17 min walk to school, or 10 min bus ride to school, or 2 min train ride + 5 min walk to school. 8200 yen on Saturday, 4700 yen on Sunday. Free wired LAN. Additional 1000 yen for breakfast.
  2. Hotel Sun City Ikebukuro
    Right in front of the North entrance of JR Ikebukuro station.  Free wired LAN service. 7800 yen~   Numerous restaurants and shops around. Convenient location for Tokyo explorers. Breakfast can be ordered from 600 yen at the cafe downstairs. 7 min train ride to the school.
  3. Hotel Metropolitan Ikebukuro
    A posh hotel near Ikebukuro station. 11050 yen on Saturday, 9550 yen on Sunday. Breakfast optional at its restaurants. Free wired LAN. 500 yen Wifi.
  4. Two Toyoko Inns
    Both 4 min walk from Ikebukuro North exit. Facilities at Toyoko Inns are all the same nation wide, so you would know how they are. Free wifi.
  5. Others
    For more hotel info around Ikebukuro, please refer to this link

Please notice that many of the hotel recommendations are near Ikebukuro station and the conference venue is 2 stops away near Jujo station.

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