This year, MAJ will be publishing a Proceedings of the MoodleMoot 2013.

  • We recommend all authors submit a draft of their talk to the editor, (of course, replace "_AT_" with the symbol "@" when you send the email), on or before April 22, 2013. 
  • Please put your presentation ID number as the subject of your email. If you do not have presentation number, please specify a kind of presentaion, e.g., workshop, in the subject of your email.
  • Please use only the MS-Word template provided here :  English Template/PDF fileThe easiest way to prepare a draft is to overwirte a MS-Word template provided with your draft and save it.
  • The draft may be in Japanese or English, however authors, title and abstract must be in both English and Japanese. 
  • As it will save considerable time in preparing the proceedings, please send only the MS-Word draft (not PDF file).
  • We are restricting the number of pages for your draft to a minimum of two (lightning talk) and a maximum of six. 
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