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To presenters

  • PC/AudioVisual apparatuses are equipped in each room of Build. 16. A student helper assinged in each room will explain how to use them. A standing PC is connected to the internet.
  • Standing PC : OS = Windows Vista, Available Software= Power Point 2007 (Office 2007)
  • Your own PC : Monitor can be connected via VGA/D-sub connector cable (in a drawer) and PC's voice can be generated by connecting through a voice (having a green terminal) cable . Macintosh needs a converter cable.
  • If you bring in your PC, you are given a static IP, have to set up by yourself, and need to bring in LAN cable.
  • PC's monitor will be projected on the center screen, and your own PC needs a sound cable to be connected to a speaker in the room.
  • Connection to Outside for standing PC as well as your own PC : HTTP/HTTPS/SSH/VPN-related (PPTP/OpenVPN/IPsec NAT traversal/L2TP)) are all available.

To general audience

  • People, who participate PC rooms, don't need your laptop. We provide PC's in the room.
  • If workshops are held in other rooms than PC rooms, then you need to use your laptop within the room only in which wifi is available.

PC rooms of Build. # : 10

  • Desktop PC : OS=Windows 7 Professional, Software=PowerPoint 2010, several kinds of browsers

Wireless LAN at the site

  • WiFi is available at the atrium, cafeteria (Luce), outside of rooms of Build. 16 and the corridor of Miki Hall. SSID will be given at the registration desk.

Campus map of Tokyo Kasei University (To enlarge, right-click on the picture and select a new window)

東京家政大学構内地図/Campus map of Tokyo Kasei University

Map of inside of buildings


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