All participants will receive login credentials when picking up their badge.  This will allow access to both the WiFi system as well as the installed desktops.  Windows Internet Explorer, version 7 is the only browser available, although both Chrome and Firefox, preinstalled on your USB drive will work.

Each presentation room has a single computer running Windows 7 with the standard MS Office 2010 package.  Each teacher's console has a standard 15-pin D-type monitor connector, and mini audio jack.  Direct connection to the local LAN is also possible. The interface is completely in Japanese, but the sttaff is ready to help, if needed.

See this link for pictures of the presenter's equipment.

There are also two computer labs on the second floor that users without their own devices may use for email access, revision of Powerpoints, etc.

Last modified: Monday, 2 February 2015, 8:44 PM