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2024年度論文集への投稿について/ Submission to Proceedings 2024

by Machiko SAEKI YAGI -



1) 原稿は,新仮名遣い,口語体,常用漢字による日本語または英語で簡潔に執筆し,英語の場合は行間は 2行(ダブルスペース)とする. 「、」「。」を用いる.
2) 本文中,専門的な略語を使用する際は,初出時に 正式名を書き,それに続いて略語を括弧内に示す.
3) テンプレートに従い論文を作成する.

投稿先は,日本ムードル協会 (になります.

MAJ will be publishing Proceedings of the MoodleMoot 2024. Please submit your draft following the information below. Papers are classified into refereed paper and non-refereed paper. We recommend all authors submit paper before April 25 (Thu), 2024.
We renew Rules for Submissions and Review Standards to improve our proceedings. The review period is 2 weeks and our publications allow 2 weeks for resubmissions to publish quickly. We plan the publication of the proceedings on the end of August.

Author Guidelines are below,
1)Manuscripts should be concisely written, in Japanese using the new kana orthography, modern Japanese, and using JOYO Kanji. Manuscripts in English should be double-spaced. “,” and “.” should be used.
2)Within the text, if an acronym or initialization is used, it should be given in full-form on the first occurrence with the abbreviated form in parentheses.
3) Adhere to the template when creating the manuscript.
4) Citing Sources
Manuscripts should be use APA 6. edition.

Submissions should be sent to the Japan Moodle Association (

We are looking forward to your submission.

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