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イベント企画募集 / Call for Event Proposals

by Jun SAITO -


今年度より、定期的にMAJ会員の皆様へMoodleに関する様々な情報をオンラインでお届けすることになりました。すでに、4月・5月にMAJtvと題しまして、YouTube Liveにて配信を行いました。(MAJのサイトでアーカイブをご覧いただけます)





連絡先: MAJ研修理事 篭谷隆弘

Dear Members of the Moodle Association of Japan

Starting this year, we will be providing MAJ members with a variety of information about Moodle online on a regular basis. We have already started to provide information on Moodle via YouTube Live in April and May under the title "MAJtv". (You can view the archives on MAJ's members' website.)

We would like to continue this kind of project and distribution at least once a month in the future.

Therefore, we would like to ask our members for your proposal and cooperation in planning such events.

We may ask you to volunteer directly from the Board of Directors or other members.
We also welcome online presentations of projects brought in by our members.
Or you may simply send us your ideas of what kind of project you would like us to carry out.

If you would like to help, please contact us with an outline of your project (date, time, contact person, contents, etc.).

Contact: MAJ EBM (Training) Takahiro Kagoya

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