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ムートの中止とオンライン開催 / Moot Cancellation & Online Moot

ムートの中止とオンライン開催 / Moot Cancellation & Online Moot

by Jun SAITO -
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2020年日本ムードルムート参加者のみなさま / Dear Participants for MoodleMoot Japan 2020


The board of directors of the Moodle Association of Japan has, after careful deliberation, decided to change from a face-to-face Moot, to an "online moot" style for the upcoming Moot. The face-to-face MoodleMoot conference at Sojo University has been cancelled. Previously we stated it would be postponed. Now we are planning to hold, wherever possible, online sessions on the same days as originally planned. 

This decision was made due to a request from Sojo University, the venue, as a measure against the spreading of the new coronavirus.

We apologize that this decision was made at the last minute and also for causing trouble to you. However, considering the situation, it is truly unavoidable. We appreciate your understanding of this regrettable situation.

Regarding the refunding of fees paid to MAJ, we will make another announcement later.

**Only for participants coming from abroad to Kumamoto** We are arranging an online streaming space for the "online moot". We will be contacting you individually. A special team of broadcasters will organize this. 

皆様へ:オンラインMoodleMoot Japan(2月26日〜2月28日)の詳細につきましては,今しばらくお待ちください。
To everyone: Stay tuned for more information on the very first online MoodleMoot Japan from February 26th - 28th.