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参加費返却について / Refund policy

参加費返却について / Refund policy

by Takayuki MATSUKI -
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参加登録者の皆様へ (English below)


1. 懇親会費は全額返還します。詳細については、会計担当から別途アナウンスいたします。
2. 年会費、大会参加費については、返金いたしません。

今回、オンラインとは言え、事前に周知しました大会プログラムに従い、オンライン・ムートを完全に実施しました。従って、オンライン・ムートに参加された方はもとより視聴のみされた方にとっても、有意義な大会であったと信じます。現在、登録者に対しては、今後一年間、基調講演者 (Martin Dougiamas と Sander Bangma) のビデオ録画はもとより、一般参加者のビデオ講演あるいはスライドが視聴できる状態となっています (。会議の要約はまだ閲覧可能ですし、スライドのアップロードはまだ可能となっています (。皆様の支払われた登録費の協会としての使用配分は以下の様になっております。

1. オーストラリアのムードル本部のMoodle開発の支援(50%)
2. 日本におけるプラグイン開発資金(40%)
2. 日本ムードル協会活動資金(Webサイトの維持等)(10%)



Dear Registrants,

The recently completed MAJ Online MOOT 2020 was a great success but only came after careful consideration from the executive board and the exceptional efforts of a few. Some members have asked about refunds for the Sojo Moot. We, the executive committee, believe that the Moot was carried out in full and have thus judged a refund to be unwarranted.

We ask you to remember that your membership, and/or conference fee, is used for the following:

1) MAJ's continuing membership in the Moodle User's Association (MUA) which gives us a voice in developing the Moodle LMS and supports MoodleHQ (50%)
2) Funding for new plugins needed in Japan (40%)
3) Covering this year's expenses (website, etc.) of the Moodle Association of Japan (10%)

If your institution asks for proof that you participated in the Moot for you to be reimbursed, you can show the uploaded materials you have provided (if you are a presenter) or the logs for when you participated online. If that is not sufficient, please contact us so that we may provide you with a certificate of participation.

We are in the process of refunding the Moot Dinner Fee payments to you but will not be refunding any other payments. There are a number of other benefits received from participating in the recent Moot. The conference book of abstracts is still accessible, the presentations are all viewable as they were recorded (view the online schedule here and click the "room" at the top of each stream or beside the keynotes), and presentations may still be uploaded if you have not done so already via the following link

We look forward to welcoming you to the next Moot and will supply information about it in the coming months.
As always, many thanks for your support of the Moodle Association of Japan.

President of MAJ
Takayuki Matsuki