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メール異常送信のお詫び / Apology for sending spam emails

メール異常送信のお詫び / Apology for sending spam emails

by Jun SAITO -
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MAJ 関係者のみなさま




交流場フォーラムはユーザの自由な交流に使用できるよう,誰でもアカウントを登録して投稿できるように設定されておりました。この設定が悪用され,短時間に多数の自動投稿が行われたことが本件の原因です。投稿自体は Moodle のフォーラム機能によって正常に行われたものです。


今後はこのような事態を引き起こすことのないよう,MAJ Moodle の設定を見直し,セキュリティの確保に努めてまいります。ご不明点につきましては,こちらのページからお問い合わせください。



Dear MAJ Members

At around 7 pm today (December 16, 2021), more than 10 spam emails were sent from the MAJ Discussion Forum.

We are deeply sorry for such a situation happened.

Please be assured that this was not a data breach; It was just automated posting to our discussion forum, to which everyone was subscribed.

The forum was set up so that anyone could register an account and make a post in it to freely share ideas with each other. This setting was abused and a number of automated posts were made in a short period of time. The posting itself was done normally with the forum function of Moodle.

The account of the user who made the automatic post has already been deleted, and the forum itself has also been deleted.

We are reviewing our Moodle settings to ensure that this does not happen again in the future. If you have any questions, please contact us from this page.

We would like to apologize again for the security incident.

Moodle Association of Japan