Moodle Moot 発表申し込みについて Re: Moodle Moot submission

Moodle Moot 発表申し込みについて Re: Moodle Moot submission

by Hideto HARASHIMA -
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1.      発表は商業的宣伝と取られるような内容を含まないこと

2.      営利団体から援助を受けた実践のような場合には公正で偏りの無い内容を心がける事

3.      営利団体から直接の援助を受けての発表ではないこと




Here are announcements from MAJ in regard to paper submission.

If you experienced login difficulty when submitting a proposal through our system sometime in August, we apologize. Now everything is fine.

As our conference gets bigger and more flourishing year by year, in the interests of quality, we’d like you to cooperate with our policy that Regular (individual or institutional) member can in principle make ONE entry for each regular presentation, lightning talk, and showcase. (Workshops and genius bar are exempt from this regulation, and anybody who is not the first author of a group presentation is eligible for another entry.) This is not to mean to absolutely eliminate multiple entries. Multiple submissions with significantly high reviewer rates may have a chance to enter the program.

When you submit a paper, please note the following.

Speakers should be able to:

1. Keep presentations free of commercial bias.

2. Present content in a fair and unbiased manner if relevant financial relationships exist.

3. Attest that they are not receiving direct payments from a commercial entity with respect to this educational activity. 

Associate members are eligible for one regular presentation and one lightning talk. Sponsors are eligible for one regular presentation, one lightning talk, and one workshop.

We ask for your understanding and call for vigorous submissions. Thank you.