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Re: ムート関連情報 moot-related reminder

by Hideto HARASHIMA -
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ムードルムート2015京都大会の学術的成果およびケース・スタディー発表投稿原稿の受理終了がいよいよ今週末2014 10 31 ()に迫ってきました.まだ投稿を済ませていない方はお早めにお願いします.


日本語基調講演者に京都大学の梶田将司先生が決定しました.英語基調講演者については現在Moodle HQと交渉中です.


Our deadline for submissions of  'Academic' and ‘Case study’ type Papers
  to “Moodle Moot 2015 in Kyoto” is coming up in 5 days. It's 2014, October 31st (Fri).

If you haven't made a proposal yet, please make haste.

If this is the first time for you to submit a paper, to begin with, please go to our web site and create an account; login to the site using the account; visit the moot page (see the link above); click the "submit a presentation proposal" link; then ConfTool window should pop up; click the "submit contribution link". If the pop-up window looked kind of empty, please click "overview" at the upper lefthand side corner of the window and wait.  

The Japanese keynote speaker has been decided to be Prof. Shoji Kajita of Kyoto University. Another speaker from overseas is now under negotiation and soon to be announced.