Moodlemoot Japan 2017 決定

Moodlemoot Japan 2017 決定

by Hideto HARASHIMA -
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開催地:自治医科大学 (栃木県下野市)

開催日程:2017年 2月17日(金)ワークショップ,18−19(土・日)ムート本大会


My heart stretches toward the people who are suffering from the disaster in Kumamoto and its extended areas in Kyushu. It is my prayer that people who are reading this message are OK, and that they can regain their peace and normal life as soon as possible. Pardon me as I make this announcement in this time of trouble.

The venue and the time of our next Moodlemoot, Moodlemoot Japan 2017, has been decided. As of this moot, Moodlemoot Japan becomes an Official Moodlemoot, which meets the standards set by the Moodle HQ and will naturally attract more attention from around the world. To add an extra delight to it, the Moodle founder, Dr. Martin Dougiamas, promised me to come to Japan for the moot. Japanese moot is know for its high standard presentations of in-depth research. I hope presenters and participants will outnumber all the previous moots next year.

Venue: Jichi Medical University (Shimotsuke, Tochigi)

Time: 2017, February 17, (Friday) Workshops, 18-19 (Sat-Sun) Moot main programs

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Re: Moodlemoot Japan 2017

by Hideto HARASHIMA -

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Dear Moodle friends in Japan,
I'm sorry for the delay in disseminating information and opening of CALL for Papers regarding Moodlemoot Japan 2017. Since our moot has become one of the Official Moots this year, we've had to go through some discussions and remodeling of our web site. We are rebuilding our submission system and registration system. The whole schedule will be almost the same as the previous years, so if anyone is planning to present a paper, please go ahead and begin preparation. The submission system will begin to serve around mid September, and we will announce it as soon as it's ready. Thank you for your patience.