Re: 2018 Conference Details Course

Re: 2018 Conference Details Course

by Takayuki MATSUKI -
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開催地:武蔵大学 (東京都練馬区)

発表申込期間:7月24日 (月)〜9月30日 (土)
スポンサー発表申込期限:7月24日 (月)〜11月30日 (木)



As announced on the venue and the time of our next Moodlemoot before, Moodlemoot Japan 2018 has been determined. The official site is ready for registration, a proposal of your presentation, other proposals. We are carefully examining the keynote speakers both for Japanese and English. Japanese moot is known for its high standard presentations of in-depth research. I hope presenters and participants will outnumber all the previous moots next year.

Venue: Musashi University (Nerima, Tokyo)
Conference workshops: Feb 21st (Wed); Main Conference: Feb 22nd - 23rd (Thu, Fri), 2018
Call for presentation proposals: Jul 24th (Mon) - Sep 30th (Sat)
Call for sponsored proposals: Jul 24th (Mon) - Nov 30th (Thu)

Please refer to the URL below with regard to other deadlines.