Empowering Educators in Hokkaido (EEH) Project

Empowering Educators in Hokkaido (EEH) Project

by Jun SAITO -
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Empowering Educators in Hokkaido (EEH) プロジェクト


世界的な新型コロナウイルス感染拡大にともなって、自宅での学習およびその指導を必要とする高校・大学(当面、北海道内の機関を優先)に対し、日本ムードル協会(MAJ)と株式会社イーラーニング(EL)は、協同で学習管理システム Moodleのサーバー利用環境と、授業運用支援を無償で提供いたします。この取り組みは、アマゾン ウェブ サービス(AWS)のご支援をいただいております。



今回のEEHプロジェクトにより、それらの負担を下げ、多くの経験を持つMAJ会員有志等が支援することで、Moodleを利用した授業の有用性を知っていただき、国内の教育界におけるMoodlerが増加すること、また、 Moodleを活用したより対話的で深い学びにつながる教育が展開されることを期待しています。




  • クラス数・受講人数に関わらず、1校毎にMoodle環境を提供(1校あたり1000人未満)。各校のMoodle環境はMoodle Workplace内の「テナント」として独立しており、個人情報保護を担保。
  • 当面、提供対象は北海道内の高校・大学を優先し、305,000ユーザー程度を想定。
  • サーバー構築・管理などはWorkplace管理者(EL)が実施。ユーザー登録、コース開設、コンテンツ準備は各校で実施(MAJによるサポートあり)。
  • MAJの会員有志のボランティアによる授業運用支援として、各校の管理責任者に向けて各種資料の提供や、プロジェクトページ内フォーラムでの問い合わせ対応などのサポートを行う。
  • 支援は原則2020323日~7月 31日の期間実施。期間後の Moodleのデータについては、7月中旬頃を目処に参加校毎に以下から選択。

  1. 継続せず破棄する
  2. 自校で独自にMoodleサーバーを構築するなどして引き継ぐ(MAJ の Jamoo プロジェクトにてサポートする)
  3. Moodle パートナーが提供する有償サービスに引き継ぐ


お問い合せ、お申し込みはMAJ EEHプロジェクトページへお願いします。


Empowering Educators in Hokkaido (Project EEH)

A project aiming to offer free of charge a server environment and teaching and learning support of the learning management system “Moodle” for high schools and universities in Hokkaido

As COVID-19 is spreading around the world, there is a rapidly increasing demand of online teaching and learning for students. Moodle Association of Japan (MAJ) and e-learning Japan (EL) are co-sponsoring the project to offer free of charge a server environment available for Moodle, an open-source learning management system (LMS), in combination with support of online teaching and learning for high schools and universities in Hokkaido, Japan. The project is supported by Amazon Web Service (AWS).


As we know, Moodle is the most popular open-source LMS in the world, and anyone can use it free of charge and also contribute to develop it. However, it requires technical knowledge and skill to set up its server environment and maintain courses on it.

We are hoping that EEH, incorporated with support by experienced voluntary MAJ members, would ease those burdens, advertise the usefulness of Moodle, and increase more Moodlers among empowered educators in secondary and higher educations in Japan. We believe that this campaign would contribute to promote more interactive and deeper learning of students with the aid of using Moodle.

Please support us as a volunteer

For the purpose above, we would like to ask your voluntary help to offer various support for school teachers and university faculty. Please refer to the following outline and project page for more detail.


  • Each school/university, after accepted, will be provided an instance of a whole Moodle (#students should be less than 1,000/school). Each Moodle is implemented as an independent “tenant” on Moodle Workplace, hence privacy of users is protected.
  • Schools/universities located in Hokkaido have priority in acceptance for the time being. Expected number of applicants is total of 5,000 users of 30 institutions.
  • Setting up and maintaining the server is managed by the workplace administrator (EL). User enrollment, course arrangement, and content creation should be managed by each school/university (MAJ will offer support for these technical matters).
  • As support by voluntary MAJ members for teachers/faculty, we will provide various online resources and advising at an inquiry forum in the project page.
  • The project term is from March 23rd 2020 to July 31st 2020. After the end of the term, each school/university will be asked to choose one of the following options:

  1. To completely delete the data on their tenanted Moodle.
  2. To export their courses to their own Moodle server (MAJ Jamoo Project will provide support for this)
  3. To engage a Moodle Partner etc. to export their courses to commercially available services.

Project page

To contact and apply, visit the page of MAJ EEH at
https://moodlejapan.org/course/view.php?id=82 (guest login)