Best Open Courseware 2022 / ベスト・オープンコースウェア

Best Open Courseware 2022 / ベスト・オープンコースウェア

by Martin MEADOWS -
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ムードル・ムート2022 が間近に迫っている中、今回もMAJショーケースにコースを寄稿していただきたいと思います。 
With MoodleMoot 2022 (Feb. 17-19th, 2022 in Nagasaki) fast approaching, we invite you to contribute a course to the MAJ Showcase. 

The Showcase is a space provided by the Moodle Association of Japan (MAJ) for members and non-members alike to share open courseware, which is simply courses - or bits of courses - that you have created in Moodle. They could be whole-semester, even whole-year, courses with all the bobs and whistles, or they could be short focussed lessons that take only a few hours to complete. Basically, if it has worked for you and you think others might benefit from the work you've put into it, then why not consider sharing it?

It's easy! All you have to do is take a back-up of your course, download the resulting mbz file, then drag the file into the upload box on the Showcase! Fill in the appropriate meta-data after that and, voila!, you've now shared your splendid invention with fellow teachers using Moodle in Japan. And you might even win an award that you can use to spice up your resumé and get that job you've been dreaming about!

ショーケースへのコース提出の締め切りは、ムードルで行われる授賞式の1週間前、2月11日です。 あなたの周りにも、コースを投稿したいと思う先生がいるかもしれません。投稿は、言語学習コースに限定されるものではありません。私たちは、内容も指導言語も、できるだけ多様で、質の高い日本語のコースを求めています。ぜひ、同僚にシェアすることを検討してもらうようお願いします。あなたの生徒に、どのMoodleコースから最も多くを得たか教えてもらい、その先生に連絡し、そのコースを共有することができるかどうか確認してもらえませんか?すべての投稿を歓迎します。
The deadline for submitting a course to the Showcase is February 11th, one week before the awards ceremony due to take place at the Moot. Maybe you also have some Japanese colleagues who might like to submit their courses in Japanese? Submissions are definitely NOT restricted to language-learning courses. In fact, we'd like to see as much variety - of content and instructional language - as possible, and we are definitely looking for more high-quality courses in Japanese. Please, ask your colleagues to consider sharing. Ask your students to indicate what Moodle courses they gained the most from, then contact THAT teacher to see if they might be able to share their work. All submissions are welcome! 

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Re: Best Open Courseware 2022 / ベスト・オープンコースウェア

by Martin MEADOWS -
Submission of courses to the MAJ Showcase and Open Courseware Awards is extended to Monday Feb. 14th. We would especially like to see more courses in Japanese. Sharing on the Showcase is easy to do. Just take a backup of the course you want to share, download the resultant mbz file to your local drive, then drag and drop it into the Showcase "window" at: