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ムートスケジュール他 Moot Schedule etc.

ムートスケジュール他 Moot Schedule etc.

by Hideto HARASHIMA -
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また,今週,最新のニュースレター vol. 4「ムート直前号」も発行されました.ムードルとムートに関する最新情報が盛りだくさんです.MAJウェブのホームページからダウンロードできます.是非ご一読下さい.




Dear Moodlers in Japan,

Thank you for waiting. It is my delight to send you the Moodle Moot schedule (ver. 8) with this mail. Please take a close look at it for room numbers and times. 

The moot page on MAJ web now contains a lot of helpful information including, hotel info, access from airport, campus map, main building layout, room equipment info, photos, AGM agenda, presentation abstracts, etc. Please check them out at your convenience.

Also this week we published our Newsletter Vol.4 Pre-conference Issue. It is downloadable from the home page of MAJ web. Please have a look. It contains a lot of up-to-date information about Moodle and Moot.

As many of you know, our venue, Okinawa International University is located right next to the U.S. Airbase Futenma. This time, during the lunch break on Friday the 21st (11:00-13:00), student volunteers of OKIU will be guiding us to the roof of the 5th building, where we can not enter usually, and let us overlook the base with explanations. If you are interested in this guided tour, please join at your leisure.

Lastly, we are looking for people who can help manning the Genius Bar. If you know one function of Moodle better than most everybody, please volunteer.