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北海道Moodleワークショップ Moodle Summer Workshop in Hokkaido-9月1~2日

北海道Moodleワークショップ Moodle Summer Workshop in Hokkaido-9月1~2日

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Dear Moodle Association of Japan Members,

The Moodle Summer Workshop is just around the corner and we would like to announce the schedule and details to you. 

北海道Moodleワークショップ / Moodle Summer Workshop in Hokkaido
テーマ: お互いに学び、そしてムードルコミュニティに感謝しょう!
: Learning from each other & giving back to the community!

If you have not already planned to come, this reminder may be too late, but MAJ Hokkaido Chapter offers this workshop every year at the end of summer.  Please plan on coming to Hokkaido in 2015.  smile

With best regards,
Bob Gettings, Ibrahim Farouck, Don Hinkelman, MAJ Hokkaido Chapter

Moodle Summer Workshop in Hokkaido
September 1-2, Otaru University of Commerce
Moodle, the leading web learning tool for education, is a set of free, easy-to-learn software applications used in universities and schools across Japan and the world.  To introduce beginners and experienced teachers to the practical uses of Moodle, expert teachers and developers will share their knowledge in this free training program.  Most sessions are held in both English and Japanese and no experience in Moodle required.

Location:  Otaru University of Commerce
(see conference website for maps: )

Dates & Times:  Monday, September 1st, 9-5pm; Tuesday, September 2nd, 9-4pm

Fee:  Free to all teachers

Invited speakers and trainers:
- Hideto Harashima: Professor, Maebashi Institute of Technology
- Elton LaClare, Associate Professor, Sojo University
- Justin Hunt, Moodle Developer; PoodLL Developer; High school teacher in Nagasaki

Monday Sessions (tentative topics):
-   Moodle Beginners Workshop (in English and in Japanese)
-   Using Hot Potatoes for interactive exercises; Mixing Kanji/Kana/Romaji Names
-   Moodle for Beginners—one-on-one counseling and training
-   Creating information gap exercises; Using PoodLL (a ‘language lab’ online)
-   Moodle quizzes for beginners; Progress Bar feedback for students; Free custom plugins
-   International exchange with Moodle; TOEIC preparation materials on Moodle; Adaptive testing; Inter-school collaboration
-   Networking Party near the Otaru Canal (6-8pm, about 3000 yen)

Tuesday Sessions (tentative topics):
-   One-on-one Moodle consulting for your class or school
-   PoodLL and Beyond Workshop
-   Quiz making; Free courseware; Sharing cart plugin; Vocabulary-building activities
-   Doing the Workshop Module (in Japanese)
-   Listening skills development;  Workshop module for beginners (in English)
-   Video assessment module (using video to check speeches and other performances)
-   How to Share and Get free EFL courseware for your Moodle site

Organized by:  Moodle Association of Japan - Hokkaido Chapter
Contact: Bob Gettings <> and Ibrahim Farouck <> and Don Hinkelman <>
Supported by:  Moodle Association of Japan, Otaru University of Commerce (Ibrahim Farouck), JALT Hokkaido, and other donations arranged by invited speakers.