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ムート情報 Moot announcements

ムート情報 Moot announcements

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 2.     基調講演者として京都大学の梶田将司先生,ムードル本部よりマリナ・ グランシー氏が登壇下さいます.

3. ムートのチラシ兼ポスターが協会ホームページよりダウンロード出来ます.皆さんで印刷頂くなどしてムートの宣伝にご使用下さい.

4.     ムートの参加登録およびムート,懇親会のお支払いをお済ませでない方はお早めに手続きのほう宜しくお願いします.今年からPaypal も使えるようになりました.


Happy New Year!

MoodleMoot Japan is less than 50 days away. Here are some latest announcements.

  1. The list of presentation abstracts (other than workshops) are available below. Check it out and create your own list of favorite presentations.
  2. This year’s keynote speakers are Ms. Marina Glancy from Moodle HQ and Prof. Shoji Kajita of Kyoto University.
  3. Moot flyer/poster can be downloaded from the link below. Please print it and publicize the moot at your workplace.

4.    If you have not yet registered for the moot or paid for the moot and/or the reception party, please do so at your earliest convenience. We are accepting payments through Paypal this year.

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Hello members of Moodle Association of Japan.

The tentative Moodle moot block schedule and the abstracts of all presentations are now available at the link above. Presenters, if you see any problems with the schedule, please let us know immediately. Thank you.

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The deadline for general participants to register for MoodleMoot Japan  is just 10 days away. Monday, February 9th, is the deadline. Please don't miss it, if you haven't registered yet.

MoodleMoot latest schedule (Jan 31, tentative) is now available from the link below. Please check and see.

Privileges for current MAJ members -- R&D grants, Best Open Courseware Awards, Best Moodle Innovation Awards -- application methods for these are described in the page below. We encourage everybody to enter. (The deadline for R&D grants will be extended to Feb. 14)