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ポスター, チラシ,要項 / Poster, Flyer, Resume

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ポスター, チラシ,要項 / Poster, Flyer, Resume
by Hideto HARASHIMA - Sunday, 4 December 2016, 6:19 PM

ムードルムートのポスター,チラシ,開催要項できる (English below)








Moot Poster, Flyer, Resume now available


We have prepared three documents you can use to promote MoodleMoot 2017. Please download from the bottom of the following webpage and print them by yourself and help us spread the words.


<Poster>: Please display them on walls and doors.

<Flyers>: Please distribute them among your friends and colleagues.

<Resume>: Please use this moot-in-a-nutshell document when you apply for a business trip allowance.