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ムードルムートに関する3つの告知 Three announcements regarding MoodleMoot

ムードルムートに関する3つの告知 Three announcements regarding MoodleMoot

by Hideto HARASHIMA -
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ムードラーの皆様   (English below)






Dear Moodlers,

As MoodleMoot Japan is approaching near, I have three announcements.

1. Please register for the moot online. You can pay the fees online too, including the party fee. Receipts, name cards, party tickets, certificates of participation, can be downloaded and printed after registration and payment by each participant. 

     Presenters, including co-presenters, are expected to register by Sunday, January 8th.  General participants' deadline is Wednesday, February 8th. 

2. Those presenters with conditional acceptance or with suggestions for changes, please make necessary revisions in the database by Monday, December 26th. 

3. During the moot we will hold the AGM where we will elect board members. If anybody is interested in running for the presidency or any officer position, please let us know of the intention by Sunday, January 15th. (