MoodleWeek Japan 2020

MoodleWeek Japan 2020

by Jun SAITO -
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MAJ 会員のみなさま / English below

日本ムードル協会では,8月31日から9月6日までの1週間,オンライン・カンファレンスとして MoodleWeek Japan 2020 を開催します。詳細はカンファレンスのページ(をご覧ください。

4月の年度開始以降,多くの教育関係者が Moodle を使って学びの場を創り続けてきました。そうした実践を通じて,課題の認識とともにさまざまな知見の蓄積が進んでいます。ぜひ,MoodleWeek Japan 2020 でみなさんの取り組みを共有し,次の学期に向けさらに準備を進めていきましょう。

なお,9月1日には関連イベントとして 北海道Moodleサマーワークショップも同時開催されます。


Dear MAJ Members,

Moodle Association of Japan is hosting a week-long online conference "MoodleWeek Japan 2020" from August 31st to September 6th. Please refer to the conference page at for more information.

Since April, and the beginning of the 2020 school year in Japan, many educators have used Moodle to keep education running. There have been many challenges and many lessons learned as a result. Share the information you gained and become even more prepared for the next semester at MoodleWeek Japan 2020.

This conference spans an entire week from August 31 to September 6. It includes the Hokkaido Moodle Summer Workshop on September 1. Let's empower each other to improve our world.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on the online conference.

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Re: MoodleWeek Japan 2020

by Jun SAITO -
MoodleWeek Japan 2020 の発表申込みの締切りが,8月25日(火)に迫っています。Moodle に関するさまざまな実践について,ぜひご発表ください。

The submission deadline for presentations at MoodleWeek Japan 2020 is Tuesday, August 25th. Please consider sharing your ideas and experiences about Moodle at the online conference.
For more information, please refer to "Call for Proposals".